Few days ago Oracle has rolled out Java 8. In my opinion it’s revolutionary release, but it isn’t topic of this article. In parallel we can use new Java ME distribution for embedded platform – Java ME 8. Sadly SDK is at the moment at Early Access state and prepared only for Windows. I’m Mac user, then there is no possibility to check this out without VirtualBox.

Instalation is quite simple, what we need?:

From Java ME 8 SDK download page download:
– Latest build of platform,
– Plugins for Netbeans,
– Sample code if you want.
– We need also Netbeans at version 8 or better

I have prepared directory for all development tools : D:\devel

First step is optional, but I want to work most recent Java platform, and install Java 8 JDK at D:\devel\jdk8\. Java ME 8 SDK no need version 8 of Java, required version is Java 7 update 45 if I remember well.

Next we should set up two environment variables:
we should point JDK_DIR to the java installation directory, and add bin directory to the PATH.

add to the system variables:

and add:

at the end PATH variable.

Next step is installig Java ME 8 SDK – just double click installer and check displayed instructions.
The same way we install Netbeans

Before we install netbeans plugins we should unpack downloaded archive with code. We unpacked it in the D:\devel\jme-sdk-8-plugins directory.

Now start the Netbeans IDE. Choose Tools -> Plugins from top menu to open plugins manager. We have to add our local plugins directory, then go to Settings tab.
Click Add button in the lower right. Now you should see the box with few fields. It’s Update Center Customizer in the title.
In the field name put anything you want. It’s name of the repository. I’ve used ‚Java ME 8 Local’. Select check for updates checkbox. In the last field (URL) write path to updates.xml file placed in the directory from archive above. On my computer it will be: file:/D:/devel/jme-sdk-8-plugins/updates.xml.
Click OK – it save all data.

If everything is OK, there should be available 2 more plugins at the Available Plugins tab: Java ME SDK Tools and Java ME SDK Demos. Choose Install checkbox for them, and click Install button. After accepting agreement, Finish the instalation.

Thats all. Now we can write our first Java Me 8 Midlet and test it on remote Raspberry PI computer!