Installing Java ME Embedded 8 on the Raspberry Pi

We try to write first Midlet and run it at Raspberry Pi device remotely. You need Raspberry Pi prepared. I’m using recommended OS for Raspberry: Rasbian. It’s debian based linux distribution prepared for this machine. If you work often with the same Pi you should set up static IP. It’s recommended way, you no need find current IP every reboot. You can do this in two ways: in the router, to bind IP with Pi Network Card’s MAC number, or at the Pi network config to retrieve static IP. The article doesn’t cover instalation and using ssh also. If all is prepared we can start. […]

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Preparing for Java ME8

Few days ago Oracle has rolled out Java 8. In my opinion it’s revolutionary release, but it isn’t topic of this article. In parallel we can use new Java ME distribution for embedded platform – Java ME 8. Sadly SDK is at the moment at Early Access state and prepared only for Windows. I’m Mac user, then there is no possibility to check this out without VirtualBox. […]

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Java 8 – Default and static methods in interfaces

Java 8 has a lot of improvements, many of them touch interfaces. The problem is when new release want to add new methods to old interfaces from standard library. Every class implementing that interface should be rewrited to add implementations of missing methods. That’s very big problem – unacceptable in Java. Java 8 provide solution for problem of this kind – default methods. […]

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Java 8 – Method references

With Lambda expressions Java 8 has new power for developing smart and fast applications. If you don’t know how lambda expressions works just take a look a link above. Sometimes, there is already a method that carries out exactly the action that you’d like to pass on to some other code. For example, suppose you simply want to print the event object whenever a button is clicked. You can use code below:


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Java 8’s Lambda expressions

There will be few new features included in Java 8. Lambda expressions are one of them. They provide a concise and clear way to represent method interface using an expression. Labda represents an anonymous function like anonymous classes well known from previous java releases, but with clean and simple syntax. Lambda expression is a block of code with parameters, you can use it whenever you want, a block of code is executed at later point of time. Up to now, giving someone a block of code hasn’t been easy in Java. Java is an object-oriented language, so you had to construct an object belonging to a class that has a method with the desied code. […]

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